Independências: 200 anos de história e historiografia



Call for articles to the dossier “Independences: 200 years of history and historiography”

The Acervo journal publicizes its call for articles to the dossier “Independences: 200 years of history and historiography”, edited by the professor Lúcia Maria Bastos Pereira das Neves, PhD in history by the Universidade de São Paulo (USP) and professor at the Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Uerj), and the researcher of Arquivo Nacional (Brazilian National Archives) Renata William Santos do Vale, PhD in history by the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF).

In 2022, will occur the commemorations of the 200 years of Brazilian Independence. Commemorate means, beyond its meaning of celebration, to bring up something, to remember together. In this sense, we invite researchers from all around Brazil and abroad to rediscuss the events that lead to the rupture with the Portuguese metropole, by taking into account that this occurred in a long process, which began, according to various historians, with the transfer of the Portuguese Court to Rio de Janeiro in 1808, and that, definitely, did not end in 1822.

It is necessary to reflect on the politic, economic, diplomatic, social, cultural, symbolic, and artistic aspects that were part of that moment in Brazil’s history, paying attention, for example, to the discourses and the movements of resistance against the Independence, to the regional differences, the political vocabulary, the projects for the nation, the public debates, at the press, the relationship with the Latin American republics and the pact to preserve the slave system. Therefore, there is much to be rediscussed yet.

Although the new historiography about the Independence movement has advanced, it is necessary to carry on with the process of denaturalization of the enduring point of view of the nationalist history, of a pacific and orderly Independence, centered in a narrative of big deeds and men, that aimed to strengthening the national unit and identity ties, and that silenced the voices that differed from it and eliminated differences. It should also be taken into account the uses and appropriations of the past that occurred in different periods, but above all in the Republican period, including the events of 1922, when the first Centenary was being commemorated with a monumental international exhibition in Rio de Janeiro.

So, there are many questions without answers yet that can be analyzed in this dossier about the Independence that is being edited by Acervo journal going beyond the year 1822.

The articles submitted must be sent till February 28th, 2022, using the site of the Acervo journal, to the sections Thematic Dossier, Articles, and Review. The dossier will be published in a continuous model from September to December 2022. The contributions must be in accordance with the focus and the purpose of the journal and follow its editorial guidelines.